Huassi Fichay – Housewarming Party December 2008

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Even though our new rooms have been finished in July – we neglected the fact that in Ecuador a Huasi Fichay Party is very important. Bad spirits must be sent away and the good spirits don´t come, if you forget to attract them by music and candy. And finally a party with good food contributes to everybody´s happiness!
So on Wednesday, December 3rd 2008 we had a housewarming party, organized by the employees and strictly following Zuleta´s ancient traditions!
The couple with the black painted faces (note the baby on the “womans” back!) is in charge of sending the bad spirits away. Their face is painted to protect themselves from the bad energy. The musicians and the girls with the candy basket kindly ask the good spirits to inhabit the new house.
After cleansing everything we had a catholic mass, afterwards everybody got something to eat to get new energy for the following party with music, dance and (some) liquor.
All together it was a beautiful and very important event and we really appreciate our employees iniciative!
Enjoy the pictures…

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    Hola Christina, bonito el titulo PR and Sales Manager , me gusta, la idea es enviar last minute info, o tambien el Zuleteño? me gusta la idea, hay que hacer un link a nuestro web, me parece interesante que nuestro web este mencionado en Metamorph, los que manejan Ecuador Explorer tambien, hay que ver cuanto cuesta.

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    Good tidings to all of you. What a wonderful gift to receive pictures on your blog. I can not believe that it has been a year since we had the pleasure of staying at the Hacienda and meeting all of the magnificent people that made our trip an adventure that we will cherish forever. We will return soon. Your blog reminded Tom and me what fun we had and how beautiful, kind and gentle the people of Ecuador are. We look forward to returning soon, riding horses, eating fabulous foods, touring the cheese factory again and just relaxing in the most superb Hacienda in the world. Had we realized what a find you were we would have traveled no further. Thank you again for making our trip so very special. With love and wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year.
    Be well. Jean and Tom DeLio Chicago (burr) Illinois/USA