Flamenco Flow at Zuleta

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This past Valentine’s Day we had the great pleasure of meeting the truly eclectic guitarist Ricardo García and his Flamenco group. By offering free room and board, the fantastic group gave us a high class presentation in exchange. When organizing the event, we had been a little worried how Zuleta´s indigenous community would react to this particular form of art. We couldn´t have been more surprised! Everybody loved the music and dance and even the anouncement of a lottery did not prevent the people from wanting more. As rain was pourring during the second part of the show we turned the stage around and the spectators hid under the antique corridor at the plaza which created the most romantic atmosphere.

Later at night Hacienda Zuelta´s guests and owners were blessed with an aditional and improvised jam session that left everybody speechless and that will be remembered for a very long time.
We really hope to meet Ricardo García again in the future and get more of his worldclass guitarre playing.
Visit Ricardo´s website to learn more about him and enjoy our foto album! http://www.ricardogarciaguitarist.com

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