Good bye Taita and Reina Pacha!

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This past Monday the 8^th of March, Condor Huasi (our Condor Rehabilitation Project) started a new phase. In cooperation with Fundacion Zoologica / Quito Zoo, the Community of Zuleta and our Fundacion Galo Plaza Lasso we moved two of the eight captive condors at Condor Huasi to a new home! The aviary is situated at 3600 m in the amazing Paramo Highland owned by the Community of Zuleta.

This new enclosure was created to be an integral tool of the national condor rehabilitation program, the two condors (Taita and Reyna Pacha) will be the hosts to the young condor chic’s born in captivity in 3 reproduction centers around the country (Condor Huasi at Zuleta is one of them), this young chic’s will be thought by Taita and Pacha about condor lifestyle prior to their release to the wild.

We bid farewell to Taita and Pacha, their arrival to the Community Paramo marks also the incorporation of the Community to the difficult task of saving our national bird. Thank you to all the personnel of the Fundacion Zoologica/Quito Zoo and to Fernando Polanco, our General Manager and Director of the Fundacion GPL for promoting this project and the preservation of the environment and making the Community an integral actor of this process.

We are very anxious in receiving our first condor chics!!!

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