Doma India International Certificate Course

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Doma IndiaThe Doma India School was first established over 50 years ago in San Luis, Argentina as an innovative horse-taming program based on non-violence and respect for the animal itself. The method consists of reaching a veritable communication between man and horse, without provoking fear or pain, while allowing the tamer to gain its full trust and loyalty.

Through Doma India there is no need for forceful interaction. The tamer must not necessarily be strong or physically privileged. He must, however, be able to tap deeply into the horse’s psyche, and thus learn to teach and train it.

These methods have transcended the equestrian domain and are used as motivation and leadership tools in the business world as well. Research equates the behavior of pack animals, such as horses, with the interaction between staff members in a firm. In both situations, a leader is needed to guide and encourage the entire team in order to achieve a common goal. Horses, in particular, learn through persuasion, and only by knowing their nature, behavior and psychology is it possible to influence them and lead them to excel in any discipline. At the same time, Doma India places priority in imparting pleasure and enjoyable experiences. This is why the method is used today as an important leadership, confidence-building, training and empowerment tool for humans as well. In addition, these objectives fit in a framework of respect for the environment and nature in general, making Doma India not only a course and enjoyable learning experience, but also a philosophy of life.Scarpi. Doma India

We invite you to participate in the DOMA INDIA IN ECUADOR CERTIFICATE COURSE, which will take place between June 10 and 12 of this year. The course is organized by renowned Doma India founders Oscar and Christopher Scarpati.

Below you will find further information about the course:


This course will enable students to establish a deeper communication with the horse, building its trust, and gaining experience in terms of interaction and dressage methods, including basic reins and fundamental riding techniques. We learn to respect each other’s boundaries and strengthen each other’s trust, while focusing on teamwork and having a good time.

  • When: Friday June 10 to Sunday June 12
  • Where: Hacienda Zuleta
  • Spaces available: 15
  • Price per person: $ 1680 including tax
  • Includes course, accommodation, food and beverages at Hacienda Zuleta, and horseback riding on the estate.
  • Payment by credit card, cash or money transfer is accepted.

Amance de caballos- Doma IndiaDescription:

Level 1, Level 2. Introduction 3: (

The course is both theoretical and practical. We work through 6 different levels, covering all major aspects of the method.

During the course you will have the opportunity to interact with instructors who will also be staying at Hacienda Zuleta.

During off hours Zuleta horses will be available for horseback riding in and around the hacienda.

At the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate from the Scarpati India Doma School.

Discover the Scarpati Doma India philosophy, and experience a unique perspective on how to interact with horses and other pack animals.

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“Horse-taming is teaching how to learn. In order to teach we must not only know, but know how to teach”

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