Rinding to the Condor’s Project/ Cabalgando a los Cóndores

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Maia Horsager (Volunteer at Zuleta) Today we welcomed a guest from New York named Lynn who is traveling around Ecuador for a few weeks on vacation. She is traveling with a wonderful guide named Santiago that has been to the Zuleta many times before with guests and knows the area very well. This morning we went for a nice horse ride out to visit the condors.  It was a nice easy ride, we took it slow, and enjoyed the scenery and tranquility of nature as we rode. Once we arrived at the condor facilities we realized it was the perfect moment, as there were two wild condors outside the cages observing those within! They were staying so close by because those that were inside the cages were being fed and the wild ones were hoping to have some food as well. We managed to take some very nice close up pictures and Lynn and Santiago were very pleased. We also got to see the llamas that were hanging out nearby enjoying the perfect weather. The ride back to Zuleta was calm as well, and we are planning another ride for tomorrow.  It is always nice to know that we have given our guests a nice experience so that they can feel close to nature. Hoy día damos la bienvenida a un huésped de Nueva York que se llama Lynn. Está viajando en Ecuador por varias semanas. Viaja con su guía Santiago Martínez, que ha estado en la Zuleta varias veces con huéspedes y conoce la Hacienda bastante bien. Esta mañana fuimos a una cabalgata en la ruta de los cóndores.  Fue una mañana linda y fácil. Cabalgamos lento para disfrutar el paisaje y la tranquilidad de la naturaleza. Llegamos a los cóndores en el momento perfecto porque había dos cóndores silvestres encima de las jaulas, observando los que estaban adentro. Se deben acercar tanto por la comida que tienen en las jaulas los cautivos, deben desear un poco para ellos también.  Nosotros aprovechamos para sacar bastantes fotos. Lynn y Santiago estaban felices. También vimos las llamas que estaban cercas disfrutando del bueno tiempo. La regresa hacia la casa de hacienda fuimos una vez más tranquilamente, disfrutando el paisaje y el buen tiempo. Mañana haremos juntos una cabalgata más.



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