All about the San Juan Festival (Inti Raymi) Part II

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After this religious commitment, start the celebrations of the feast of Saint John. The “Entry of the Branches” takes place in the central courtyard of the farm. Gradually the square fills with curious and villagers. In the course of the morning, the different “branches” start the taking of the place. Extended family groups come, chaired by the child of the loa, riding a compound horse (wearing stylish clothes). Along with he or she is the butler with his wife, they are followed by the horse carrying the 12 roosters and behind a procession of men, women and children.

In a game of running around and dancing,  while throwing oranges and candies and gradually appropriating the square space. Surrounding the central cross, go to the barn and back while throwing candy and oranges to other people. The more noise and fuss, the more prestigious, the butler. When the group approaches the higher side corridor, where the chief is, the backyard is muted and the child from his horse recites the praises to the chief. Loas in which is told in ancient terms, the history of Saint John the Baptist. At the end of the praises the boy or the girl throws the rooster, usually white, to the chief, who catches it. It consumes the symbolic gesture of reciprocity that began a year earlier when the butler received the Chief’s Roosters. Then again explodes bustle and party. After offering the pattern, the branch heads, between dance and the thunder, to the barn where they return to recite the praises to the manager, who is thrown another rooster. The administrator, in turn makes the delivery of chicha and aguardiente.

Finally make delivery of the 12 roosters in the in the cellar. So one by one, are entering the branches in a ceremony whose steps are repeated again and again throughout the afternoon. The rooster of the branches are serve to deliver the new butlers, and those remaining are bought on Monday by the people of the community. With the last branch is disappearing people back on the streets of the community to continue dancing until dawn, on this last night of Saint John. Some photos from this year’s San Juan! 0e6f0bf8e11811e2849f22000aeb126c_7 2e9ac5a2e11811e2bb4e22000aaa0771_7 c82f8834e1fd11e2b82e22000a9e0697_7 2 1

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