Bird watching in Ecuador – Zuleta

Situated in a valley within the Andes Mountain range, and surrounded by incredible biodiversity, Hacienda Zuleta is exceptionally located for a unique bird watching experience. For decades, Ecuador has been famous for bird watching, due to our location on the Equator. Zuleta takes the experience of bird watching in Ecuador to another level by ensuring the conservation of many species’ natural habitats through our Condor Huasi project.
The Andean condor of Ecuador is an endangered species. Here at Hacienda Zuleta, we have made it our mission to ensure the survival of the Andean condor in our region. For decades, the Plaza family and the Galo Plaza Foundation have focused on efforts to maintain the endemic flora and fauna surrounding our property. Our commitment to conservation has made Zuleta a preferred sanctuary for wild Condors, Spectacled Bears, various owls, Pumas and many other species. Begin your day with breakfast surrounded by hummingbirds, followed by an excursion to our Andean condor rehabilitation center, the “Condor Huasi Project“. Please contact us in advance if you would like to schedule a bird-watching tour with an expert English-speaking guide for an additional cost.

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