Horseback Riding

Horseback riding in Ecuador has been a Plaza family tradition for over one hundred years. Today, Zuleta continues this tradition with one of the most exclusive stables offering some of the best horseback riding in Ecuador. Zuleta is also known for its Zuleteño horse, a unique mixture of Spanish (Andalusian,) English and Quarter horses. The outcome of this crossbreeding is a robust, noble and calm Andean horse with a perfect disposition for trail riding.
Many of our guests come specifically to Zuleta for one of our 3-10 day riding programs.
Riders have numerous opportunities to explore the Andean countryside along high altitude trails (between 9,000 and 11,000 feet) that wind through ‘páramo’ forest, making the experience an authentic South America horseback riding adventure. We provide half chaps, helmets, rain ponchos and a saddle bag. We use a South American saddle that is very similar to a Western saddle. It has a pommel, a deep seat and is covered with a cozy sheep skin pad.
All the rides in our Ecuadorian eco lodge start at about 9,000 ft. Every ride has its particular beauty and charm, including rides in valleys surrounded by mountains, bathed in green lakes on mountain tops, with views of snow-capped Cayambe, ancient pre-Incan earth mounds and waterfalls. You will see members of the local community working their land and have a chance to meet a local saddle maker.
Our unique horseback riding adventures offer our guests a peek into the culture of the Ecuadorian highlands. Depending on weather conditions, we offer 15 different horseback riding tours. All guests on our horseback riding excursions will be accompanied by a local Spanish-speaking guide. Please contact us in advance if you would like an English-speaking guide at an extra cost. All-day rides include a delicious and luxurious, three-course picnic featuring gourmet Ecuadorian cuisine.


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