Thank you Fernando for an absolutely wonderful experience. I was a little short on time the day I left and was unable to fill out the questionnaire but wanted to be sure to thank you and your wonderful staff for the experience of a lifetime.  The whole trip was nothing short of magical.  What made it so special for me was the people at the hacienda.  The facilities and setting are, of course,  excellent but what makes the experience so special is the genuine hospitality shown by all of the staff.  Not to try to sound too self-important but I have stayed in 5 star resorts around the world and have yet to find a staff that was as truly as friendly as yours.   If I am at a Four Seasons and one of the staff asks me how I am doing I know that that is what they are trained to do. At the hacienda if someone asked how I was doing I felt like the people really cared about what my answer would be.  

Juan Bernardo taught me how to read the horse’s eyes to see what it was thinking.  I think that that same skill could be applied to the staff – they always looked sincerely happy and genuinely eager to please.  You are to be commended because this kind of personalized service does not happen by accident, no matter how pleasant the people may be outside of work.  They get these skills because the person in charge is also genuinely friendly and eager to please.

Thank you again for arranging to have me picked up so late in Quito that Friday night.  I fully realized it was a selfish request but it meant a lot to me to be at the hacienda that night and not have to travel another day. My congratulations to you and to all of the staff that make the Hacienda Zuleta such a treasure. Muchas gracias.


“Thank you for an amazing time spent at Hacienda Zuleta. We leave happier, more refreshed, wiser and larger in the stomach than we came. Wonderful, wonderful things happen here.”~California, USA
“What an incredible gem in the highlands of Ecuador! Hacienda Zuleta is truly a special place – from the great personalized family atmosphere, to the very friendly staff, to the history, to the self-sustained operations beautifully integrated to help the entire Zuleta community. We sincerely appreciated the opportunity to stay here, and it was inspiring to see the passion of Fernando and the family to preserve Zuleta. Thank You!~California, USA
“What a fantastic way to end our wonderful trip to Ecuador, with a stay at Zuleta. Such a beautiful place, seeped in history and fabulous food. Thank you Fernando for sharing so much information with us, allowing us to learn so much. We were lucky to see four condor and will now have to return to see the spectacle bear.~New Hampshire, USA
“Our stay at Zuleta was fantastic. The food, the Hacienda, the horses BUT most of all your company. We learned so much about your family, how a Hacienda (a real working hacienda) is managed and most of all we were able to see your passion and dream for Hacienda Zuleta) Braveo y muchas gracias porque “Mi casa es su casa”. We could share in dream.“~California, USA
“La experencia que hemos pasado aqui en Zuleta ha sido simplemente increible. Les agradeamos infinitamente a todos aqui en Zuleta nos han tratado como a unos reyes y lo mas importante es que nos sentimos todo el tiempo como en casa. We really hope to see you soon.” ~Florida, USA
“Wow, wat een bijzondere en fantaskishe plek is dit! We habben van ekke minuut genoten: een warm welkom, de tyne haard – plek het heertuke eten, de fantaskishe paardry – ritten, de schitterende angering, de condors (wat een goed initiatief!), de antzetten gave, lieve en goede mensen die hier werken, de gave motor-rit, de fyne kamers met open-haard… ect heel erg gaaf!! Bedarnkt voor alles, voor ans was dit echt anvergeletyk!! Heel veel succes!” ~Nederland
“Incredible vistas of fantastic scenery! Such a wonderful country. The people in Zuleta always had a smile and greeted us openly. I’ve enjoyed my stay here at Hacienda Zuleta as well as the country of Ecuador. It has been an experience that will be long remembered. ~California, USA
“The warmth and geniality of your company defies description as does the astounding attractiveness of Zuleta and all such singular interest the place and its history contains. But I think it is the originality of your project, or “work in progress”, that I found most intriguing. Hacienda Zuleta with its people, as it develops and grows, felt about me there, like some wonderful organic, warm and breathing “spirit” in whose company we had the good fortune to spend those five days in the middle of May. We are spreading the word and will continue to do so. All of us hope to see you again someday.
“What a wonderful start to our South American journey, so relaxing and peaceful. The Hacienda is a very special place, thank you for preserving it and its history – what an inspirational family. We hope to return one day in the near future.” ~California, USA
“Zuleta is truly a jewel with wonderful food from your gardens, the exquisite views and the warmth and sincerity of your staff and Hacienda Family. We felt so at home here and feel that we have truly visited Ecuador and its people. The horses and riding were a highlight for me and to share the same passion with fellow horsemen is an experience I will treasure for many years to come.” ~Alberta, Canada
“I am sad to leave but I am so glad we came. I hope to come back soon so I can have some more quinoa soup!” ~USA
“Stupendous!! The food was AMAZING, and the hot water bottles were lovely. The Hacienda was beautiful!! Also, I loved the dogs and the cows!” ~Michigan, USA
“After reading other people’s remarks, it seems that everyone says the same thing about Hacienda Zuleta. That one common thread is the host’s attention to detail… that each guest will have the most wonderful and relaxing stay at their home. Everything from rooms to the exquisitely prepared meals to the tours of the grounds just reconfirms the pride that they take in their house, their people and their country.” ~New York, USA


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