Education and Cultural Project

Zuleta Library

The Zuleta Library is a space that promotes alternative education and workshops for community children, including yearly courses and summer school activities in areas such as English, Quechua, mathematics, art, handicrafts, reading, dance, theatre, puppets, sustainable living, cooking and more. In addition, the entity supports daily help with school work and offers computer accessibility and internet service.


The scholarship program has been functioning for three consecutive years now. Thanks to the altruistic nature of guests and friends, a local children’s commune group counts on financial support for their education. We have been able to aid the household economies of approximately 40 students of the community’s Elementary and Secondary schools.


At Hacienda Zuleta lies one of the best-preserved Caranqui archaological sites in Ecuador. Thanks to the help of Archaeologist Stephen Athens, important studies have been carried out in order to unveil the ancient customs of the cultures that inhabited the area in a distant past. The goal of the project is to be able to create a museum within the commune and be able to provide the inhabitants of the area information on their origins and the culture of their ancestors.

Community-based Tourism

As one of the most developed business sectors in the world, it is no surprise that the people of Zuleta would become interested in tourism as a means of income. Conscious of the fact that Zuletans live in a community that is known to preserve their culture and traditions, they feel the desire to show themselves to the world. A community restaurant has already been established, boasting a unique architecture, to receive tourists that visit the area. In addition, several familias have opened their homes to visitors. The Foundation has initiated a project aimed at creating community brigades to improve the general look and public space of their neighborhoods, streets and houses within the community. The campaign has been christened “Zuleta, clean and pretty”, a program that is also expected to support environmental workshops and grant ornamental plant gardens, control waste generation, offer recycling projects and create a small-scale credit program aimed at improving and refurbishing community homes. In addition to this campaign, the foundation will sponsor tourism training for community members in need.

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