Working Hacienda

Zuleta, a working hacienda in Ecuador, encompasses 2,112 hectares of pastureland, forest and protected areas of native primary forest. This Ecuadorian hacienda’s production, with approximately 300 Holstein-Friesian cows, consists mainly of milk.  Six thousand liters of milk are produced daily, which are used to produce eleven varieties of Ecuadorian cheese, mostly semi-aged cheeses, cream, yoghurt and cream cheese in Zuleta’s cheese factory. Culture Magazine reviewed our cheeses in 2009, read more about our Ecuadorian cheese selection.

Other products farmed in our hacienda of Ecuador, are potatoes, barley, wheat and approximately 2000 sheep for wool and meat. 900 tons of humus are generated by the worm farm per year. The trout farm raises a mixture of steelhead and rainbow trout sold in the local market and used for personal consumption at the hacienda itself. Approximately 26 tons of trout are produced per year many of which end up on guests plates, as prime examples of Ecuadorian cuisine at its freshest and best. As a recognized South America ecolodge and Ecuador Hotel, Zuleta takes pride in its beautiful organic garden, which produces 25 different vegetables, herbs and fruits for personal use at the hacienda.

The hacienda has about 100 horses, some pure Andalusians and some polo horses, and a mix of Andalusian, quarter horse and thoroughbred. Our horse diversity make this  hacienda a prime place for horseback riding in Ecuador. The workers use the horses for transportation inside the hacienda. Guests and family members enjoy Ecuador horse tours through our hacienda’s Andean scenery.

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